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Welcome to Wake
Great for Everyone - from High School Students to Senior Citizens

Improve your focus and concentration, your mental and physical health, and success on the job - all without effort.

Why waste a third of your life sleeping?

With WakeUpSmarter you can gain new knowlege, build new habits and increase self confidence as you sleep.

Free Subliminal Lessons for Zen like Relaxation and Inner Peace

12 Free Subliminal Lessons

today with more under development including:


Subliminal Weight Loss


Subliminal Quiting Smoking


Subliminal Lower Blood Pressure


Subliminal Relaxation Therapy


Subliminal Increase Sexual Libido


Subliminal Anger Management


Subliminal Increase Confidence


Subliminal Attract Wealth & Success

Wake Up Ready for Success

See an immediate improvement in your energy level and confidence as you start your day's activities, whether at school, at work, or running the household.

Develop a Winning Attitude.  Everything is possible when you feel the inner strength to overcome the challenges before you.

Wake Up Healthier, Ready for Life

Our Free Subliminal Health Series including "Let's Quit Smoking", "Lose Weight While You Sleep" and "Exercise Today" get you on the fast track to improved health.

Feel an immediate increase in your desire and ability for healthy activity and sexual libido.

Access our online "Members Only" blog for tips on meeting you dieting goals and other shared member experiences.

Subliminal Learning During the Day Too...

Listen to our subliminal sessions at anytime(2) of the day or night. Subliminal lessons can be scheduled to automatically start anytime night or day, and can be delivered on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

WakeUpSmarter members also receive daily email affirmations to reinforce their subliminal learning sessions.

Take Control of Your Life - Now!
Sign Up Today and Have a Better Tomorrow.  WakeUpSmarter offers the best value and selection in subliminal self-help systems.  Prove that you are serious about your health and happiness by signing up today.

"The longest journey begins with a single step."  Take the first step today by joining WakeUpSmarter and tomorrow you will have a better day.

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Why do Subliminal Suggestions Work?

Subliminal suggestion is a powerful tool when used for personal development. Whether you want to gain confidence, quit smoking or lose weight, subliminal messages and affirmations will help you reach your goal.

Subliminal audio messages are embedded in a background sound track at a low volume and are not generally perceived by the conscious mind. Occasionally, during quiet sections of the background music, they may be heard as soft whispers in the background.

Subliminal audio messages affect the subconscious part of the brain.  Because subliminal suggestions are not consciously perceived they proceed directly to your inner brain without being 'blocked' by conscious thought.  Once the subliminal suggestions and affirmations are implanted in your mind they will begin to modify your behavior.

Almost immediately you will being to notice changes in how you feel, especially with regard to your enthusiasm for achieving your goals, whether it be losing weight, quitting smoking, or any of the other goal related courses we offer.

Subliminal motivation is a proven technology that has been used by the U.S. government, industry and marketing firms for years.  Use it to your benefit today.

Join now and have a better tomorow.  You've got nothing to lose and everthing to gain. Join now.


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